Gellert Spa

Thermal Pool Gellert Spa Bath

Gellert Spa is one of the most famous thermal spa baths in Europe, and one of the leading natural hot spring spa baths in Budapest, Hungary.


Gellert thermal pools, swimming pool, wave pool and spa treatments offer a great relaxation and entertainment all year round. Visit Gellert Spa Bath and experience high quality relaxation at a fraction of the costs you would pay in any western country.

Gellert Bath Palace Budapest
Gellert Bath Palace Budapest

Gellert Bath opened in 1918 offering medicinal water treatments using the same deep underground springs the Knights of St John used in the 12th century, and later on the Turks to feel the invigorating powers of the mineral rich waters.

Come and visit our favorite bath in Budapest besides Szechenyi Baths: Gellert Spa Bath is the true gem of the thermal baths where you can easily spend a day, explore the numerous pools, get luxury treatments without having to feel crowded by other tourists. Spa and elegance await you in the Art Nouveau building of the almost hundred year old Gellert Bath.

Gellert Spa is famous for its lovely warm spring water pools, its architecture, its landscape, and also for its spa treatments, and pampering massage therapies at reasonable prices.

Thermal Pool Gellert Spa Bath
Thermal Pool Gellert Spa Bath



    • Thanks for review for I am also doing the AMA trip
      Any other suggestions in Budapest and on Danube cruise would be appreciated

  2. I advice every real lover of thermal baths not to go there, because you are forced to wear a swimsuit!! This is against a century long tradition of nude thermal bathing.

  3. I just got back from Budapest today and yesterday visited Gellert Spa. Lets just say, it was not a very good experience. The spa needs a facelift and the staff was quite rude, especially the young blond girl that hands out rental towels. She made my friend and I feel very badly for not understanding the confusing process and in fact rolled her eyes and mocked us right to our faces. I would never return to this spa nor advise my friends to go there unfortunately. I feel there are better spas with better customer experience. The signs and pamphlets were not very helpful if you speak the english language. Very disappointing.

  4. I lost a watch there on 5 September 2014. It was found and I corresponded with a Mátyás Szongoth multiple times. This person verified that my watch was there with a photo that they sent me. they said they would send it back as I gave them my address. That was the 11th of september. they are not returning my emails or anything. WHY?? PLease email me so I may recover this watch.
    Rich Pilat

    • Dear Richard,

      I contacted Gellert lost property and I understand that you have been sent a reply email today by the new person in charge of your lost item.
      Your previous correspondent does not work for Gellert Spa any more, so you have been appointed a new contact person who started recently catching up on the unfinished emails by the previous person.
      Hope everything will be sorted out.
      Kindest regards,
      Customer Service
      (also sent in email on Oct 16)

  5. I would like to know if the spa will be open in 24th and 25th of December. Kindest regards..

  6. Have just returned from Budapest. Spent the last day at Gellert Spa and Baths. It was a wonderful experience. The waters were relaxing and the outdoor thermal pool in particular was marvellous. I enjoyed the fact that although it was a cold day, being in the sun and in the warm water was heavenly! It was a unique experience. The baths are simply stunning. Will definitely be returning.
    Many thanks to the staff for running the place so efficiently.

  7. Very disappointing. Dirty toilets, very rude staff especially the female hiring out towels/swim hats. The young ladies in the ticket booths were very surly & unwelcoming.
    The process of getting to the massage area from the pool was chaotic & badly signposted, we were simply pointed upstairs. The massages we had were adequate, the oils left us both with rashes.
    Try elsewhere, you’ll get a better deal, service & experience – Not recommended.

    • Dear Steve, we are terribly sorry that the bath services could not live up to your expectations. We are striving to improve services and appreciate any feedback from our guests, and certainly appreciate your time and effort for sharing your observations about Gellert Bath. In peak time it might be difficult to keep up with the busy traffic in the lavatories and keep the floors and toilets spotlessly clean, although the aim is to provide the highest possible standards regarding cleanliness. Please accept our apology if you have not found the toilets in a perfect condition.
      There have been dozens of new signposts added to the spa, which in itself with 12 pools and several massage rooms, saunas and steam rooms are much bigger than many guests expect it to be. Hence we always recommend guests to take the map with themselves when checking in the spa. We have a downloadable map of Gellert Bath, and you can take your free printed map from the map or the Help Desk where fast track entries are checked in.
      Online the map is available with detailed information here:
      The oils used for the massage are pure plant oils, and high quality aromatic oils. We have very rarely received any complaints about them. Quite on the contrary, most guests would like to buy them from the spa. Again, we are very sorry to hear that the oils did not agree with your skin.
      We hope to welcome you back with improved services in the future.

  8. I really cant understand these negative comments.I found everyone very friendly and most spoke great English.I did however have one problem but this was from a guest in the pool.She told me i could not take pictures of the architecture or the pools.she was actually quite abrupt.I asked the girl on the desk if this was true and she said that it was fine to take pictures.Afterall why wouldnt Hungarian people want the world to see these beautiful baths.My daughter and myself stayed in the Gellert hotel for 4 nights and used the baths everyday.Loved it so much we have booked 5 nights in July ……

  9. Thanks to the staff at the Gellert Spa for making our visit so enjoyable and relaxing. Everything was very organised. We were escorted to the changing area, where we had individual assigned cabins for the day, and then on to the massage are for a wonderful, firm massage. Following this a lovely soak in the thermal baths which are visually stunning. We went in the morning and it was not too busy, although was getting busier as we were leaving at lunchtime.

    • Dear Nuala,
      thank you for your feedback. It’s really good to hear that you enjoyed your visit at Gellert Spa. Our aim is to satisfy our guests so we are really more than delighted to hear that we could meet your expectations.
      We hope to welcome you back in the near future.

  10. Can we do just a tour of the baths please?

  11. Hi, my son and I will be in Budapest tomorrow for a couple of days. We were hoping to visit Gellert baths on Monday. Will this be a co ed day? One of the information sites says it is only co ed on weekends but your site says nothing about this. Thank you

  12. Do you have complimentary wifi available at Gellért Bath?

  13. How do I go about purchasing a hydrus package and booking the massage. I’m looking at coming Friday the 25th of september

  14. Is there a parking available. .and if there Is how much Is it?

  15. So we bought a ‘swimming pool entry’, and 5,100 HUF p.p. later we couldn’t use the large indoor pool without buying a bathing cap. Then, for some unexplained reason, the wave pool wasn’t working…when I asked where the wavepool was the guy responded like I was an idiot for not knowing that the wave pool was in fact not a wave pool – just a pool. When you sell your ‘swimming pool entries’ you might want to mention these details – would be helpful. Would reiterate comments by others that have said staff are rude – certainly that was our experience. Felt like we were social security applicants at times, not paying customers!

    • Dear Joe and Erin,
      we are terribly sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience.
      Yes, unfortunately it is a common regulation in Hungary, that swimming caps are required to wear in the cold swimming pools.
      Regarding the outside pool: this year the wave function has been stopped earlier, from Oct 1, but the pool itself can be used until Oct 31. We are sorry for not providing this information in time.
      However this issue has nothing to do with the behavior of the staff, which is unacceptable. I can assure you that it will be investigated thoroughly, so that it will not happen again.
      I hope we can welcome you in Gellert Spa in the future with better service.

  16. Hi,

    My husband and I have booked a multi-city winter travel tour and we will be in Budapest on Christmas for a day only. This will be our first trip to this part of the world.
    As part of the package we will have -Gellert Baths entrance included on that day. Can you help me understand what does this mean – what access will we have? Can we go to pools or is it just for entering into the place and we need to purchase tickets for pools usage and massages? Kindly help me understand this ‘entrance’ concept here.


    • Dear Pallavi,
      the bath tickets include the use of all pools, saunas, steam rooms, gyms, etc. If you wish to have massage as well, then you have to purchase it separately.

  17. What do we need to bring? Swimming shorts, towel, flip flops, etc… Can we purchase swimming costume or do we need to bring them?

    • Dear Francis,
      your can rent the following items inside Gellert Spa:

      Simple Bath Sheet: HUF 500 (deposit HUF 1,000)
      Towel (a bit smaller, but thicker and fluffier than the bath sheet): HUF 1,000 (deposit HUF 2,000)
      Bathrobe: HUF 2,500 (deposit HUF 5,000)
      Swimwear (women): HUF 2,000 (deposit HUF 2,000)
      Swimwear (men): HUF 2,000 (deposit HUF 2,000)

      Swimming caps and slippers can be bought in the rental facility of Gellert Spa for the following prices:
      Swimming cap: HUF 700
      Slipper: HUF 800

  18. Hello im comming to budapest with my partner in feb,and would really like to vist gellert spa.can my partner just wear long swimming shorts?..also is there anything else which would be helpful to know .

  19. We just got back from the spa, after reading reviews and seeing the amazing building online we decided to go for the more expensive private spa room with champagne and fruit. This is not exactly cheap, even considering it was two hours. We didn’t even last an hour of our booking. The room itself was in need of attention, there were paint patches on the walls and dust and grime everywhere. There ware heaps of small greenish/black algae or mould things in the bath itself which was very off putting, the champagne itself wasn’t champagne, it was a sparkling wine which wasn’t very nice (I would have been happy if it was a nice sparkling wine) lastly the fruit was a banana and a couple of apples in a basket with some plastic cutlery. I know I sound a bit hard to please here but it was a combination of these many small things that made us want to leave before we even got to half way. I politely told reception that the room would be as we no longer wanted to stay du to the reasons above, the looked at me blankly until I left.

  20. Hello,
    It’s there a parking place near the baths?
    What are the costs for them?
    Thank you

    • Dear Ovidiu,
      yes, there is a parking place next to Gellert Spa, that spa guests can use on a discount price: HUF 240 / hour.
      Address: Kemenes str. 10.
      Please do not forget to validate your parking ticket at the cashier of the Spa, otherwise you will not be entitled to the discount price. Thank you.

  21. Hi, we are visiting on Monday 15th February and just wanted to check that the outdoor pools will be open.

    Thank you

  22. Hi we arrive Tuesday 16th Feb for a 3 day break in Budapest & Gellert spa has been recommended to us. Is there anything we need to know before we visit?

    Kindest regards

    • Dear Tracy,
      thank you for your inquiry.
      Gellert Spa will be open as usual, from 6 am to 8 pm.
      Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info [at]

  23. Hi trying to book private spa what hour are avaliable today /Monday 15th February

  24. Is the spa suitable for pregnant women?

    • Dear Cindy,
      Unfortunately, no thermal bath in Budapest offers pregnancy massage in the baths to avoid any potential medical complications. Even if you are in absolutely perfect health condition with your baby, the bath management cannot take the risk of unexpected complications / urgent resolutions to keep you and your baby safe from harm. We are terribly sorry that we cannot spoil you when you would deserve the most.

      In a similar vein, there are several pools in the baths which contain hot water (between 33 and 40 degrees Celsius, the upper end of which, is not recommended for pregnant mothers.

      In short, massage treatment is not available for pregnant moms in Gellert Spa.
      Hot thermal water is not suitable for pregnant moms.

      During pregnancy please keep consulting with your doctor whenever you intend to visit public baths, shared pools. Pregnant women are kindly asked to consult with their doctor /OBGYN if they can bathe in the thermal waters in Budapest too, and what – if any – precautions they need to make before entering the pools.

      All visit to the baths and its facilities are at the responsibility of visitors, including pregnant mothers. We apologize for any potential inconvenience.

  25. Hello, we are coming to the Gellert hotel 23.4-28.4.2016, how much does the spa cost 2 people those days and do we have to buy ticket every day, thanks?

  26. Just spent a week in Budapest. On the last day we went to the Gellert Spa, we booked a 30 min foot massage. The blond lady in the cash desk kept is waiting for 15min and then told us that no massage was booked. It turned out that they don’t book the normal foot massage over the phone just in person so that we must have booked a Thai foot massage. After being late we headed upstairs to the Thai section to learn that the massage which is advertise to cost around 2500 huf is in fact 6500 huf. We left after another blond lady at the reception treated us like aliens. As reviewed by other people spa is not worth visiting- you need to pay 16000 huf for a family of 3. We recommend lukacs bath where the staff is extremely friendly and children 5 and above are welcome in their activity pool. There are mainly locals there and the place is not crowded. We paid 6000 huf for 3 of us and the treatments are much cheaper.

    • Dear Joanna,
      thank you for your valuable feedback.
      Unfortunately the 20 minutes foot massage is not available to book in advance, you can only purchase it at the cashier of the Spa. The price is HUF 4,000. On the other hand, the Thai Foot Massage is HUF 6,500, but please note that it is a longer, 30 minutes massage. I am sorry to hear that there was a misunderstanding between you and the Spa staff, I am sure that nobody gave you misleading information on purpose.
      Bath entries to Lukacs Bath are indeed slightly cheaper (HUF 3,400 for a ticket with locker, instead of HUF 5,300 as in Gellert Spa), but I trust nobody judges the quality of a service simply based on its price.
      I hope we can welcome back to Gellert Spa in the future with more satisfying service.

  27. I am planning to visit Budapest in June and heard that Gellerd Spa is opened on Saturdays until midnight?
    Could you be kind to confirm if information is correct?

    • Dear Mrs Tau

      Thank you for your online enquiry.
      Unfortunately, Gellert Spa & Bath is not open on Saturdays, the opening hours are from 6 am to 8pm.
      For your information, the other well-known bath of Budapest, Szechenyi Bath, is open until 10pm every day, with popular Bath Parties for the younger generation from 10.30pm on Saturdays.
      Hope you are going to enjoy your stay in Budapest.

  28. Dear miss/sir,

    I want to rent the private tub for 2 people on thursday 28th april but I can only reserve
    for 3 hours. I’m not able to stay for 3 hours because I’m pregnant and I get dizzy in warm places.

    Can I reserve for 2 hours?

    Kind Regard,

  29. is the gallery baths suitable for the elderly / infirm? are there any steps / stairs which need climbing?

    • Hello Kate, to emerge in the pools of Gellert Spa one needs to go down the stairs leading into the water, and you can hold on to the rails while walking down. Otherwise the spa bath has lots of facilities and pools on the ground floor. For other sections you can use a lift / elevator to move from one floor to another more easily. The thermal bath is quite enjoyed by many elderly guests, but please be aware that some classic health conditions in the advanced ages, like high blood pressure, are a warning against soaking in warm thermal waters for a long period. Please consult with a doctor on behalf of the elderly guest before visiting the thermal bath to make sure that there are no health risks, only benefits.
      Have a great holiday in Budapest!

  30. Hi,
    I have booked an entry and massage for tomorrow at 3:30 PM. Can you send me over a confirmation e-mail? Also upon arrival can you give me directions of where I should be going- I’ve been told its confusing when you get inside. How do I know that my appointment is already confirmed for tomorrow? I should arrive about 40 minutes early it says, yes?

    • Hello Kallyine, for overnight bookings (after 6pm Budapest local time), we usually send the confirmation next morning, so you please check your mail box tomorrow.
      Yes, check in time is min 40 min, possibly 60 min before the massage treatment begins, so that you can be ready in swimwear by the time the booked duration of your massage hour begins. Thank you for your cooperation.
      The hostesses at the online check in will help you to avoid any navigational confusion. You will also be given a little map of the baths which is a useful map to find your ways in the baths (there are also signs in the thermal complex).

  31. Hi there, my husband and I will be traveling to Budapest in December with our almost 2 year son. Are children under 2 allowed in the baths? I’d love to visit the facilities as it looks so beautiful and experience the spa tradition of Budapest but we will have our son with us. Please advise. Thank you!

    • Hello Jennifer, I’m afraid the 2 year old little one might not be able to enjoy the thermal pools. Children & babies who are being potty trained are not allowed in the pools, not even if they wear a swimming nappy. This usually applies to children under 3 years of age. Babies and toddlers can come with you to the bath though (note: there are no more children tickets unfortunately, so all family members will need to have a full price ticket), and stay outside the pool area. Also, most of the pools in Gellert Spa & Baths are more than 33 degrees Celsius, which means increased stress for the cardiovascular system of kids, whose body is not yet fully developed to be able to manage the excess heat of the bath waters.
      That said, there are dozens of nice things to do in Budapest for families:

      Have a nice December holiday in Hungary.

  32. Is it possible to give a couple’s ticket, massage and cabin package as a gift? If it’s a gift should I fill in my name or the gift recipient’s name in the name field? Thanks.

    • Dear Chris,
      thank you for your inquiry.
      Yes, it is possible to buy a massage/bath ticket with cabin as an open date gift voucher.
      To make your booking, please fill in the booking form on the left side of the following page:
      The form will ask you to choose a date, but this date will be ignored by us, if you add a comment in the “Comment/Gift Voucher” field about your open date gift voucher request. If the voucher will be a surprise gift, you can fill in your own contact details, but put the recepient’s name in the name field.
      After the booking, we will send you the open date voucher in PDF format.
      The voucher will be valid until Dec 31, 2016.
      Please let me know if I can help more.

  33. Lesley Ritchie

    If we want to visit, do we need to pre-book or can we just turn up on a weekday and be allowed in?

    • Dear Lesley,

      you can buy tickets at the cashiers on the day of your visit, or also pre-book them online to get a fast track entry to access all the pools, thermal baths, spa facilities in Gellert Bath.
      Have a lovely time in the Spa, and please let us know, if you need any help with your booking.

  34. I want to go to Gellert spa on 6/6/2016
    I have some questions
    Do you rent out towels?
    Do I have to book a complete day?
    We are old – we just want a Spa experience, what is your best advice?
    What is the cost?
    Thank you

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