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Taking photos in Gellert Spa

Taking photos of the building from the outside is no problem at all. However, taking photos inside the baths is subject to a photo permit provided by the Marketing Department of the Baths. Please note, that as you take photos of others, they may also take photos of you. According …

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There are hairdryers in Gellert Spa by the showers (and not in the cabins), that is you can use the public hair drying equipment. Or, should you wish, you can bring your own with you. (Please note only two points European style plug-ins.)

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Minerals in the Thermal Water

The thermal, hot water supply to Gellert Spa comes from Gellert Hill. The hot spring water contains calcium, hydrogen-carbonate, magnesium,  sulphate-chloride, and also  sodium and with a significant content of fluoride ions. Therapeutic suggestions for the following medical reasons: spinal deformity discus hernia chronic and sub-acute arthritis vasoconstriction neuralgia circulatory disturbances …

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Refund Ticketing

Entrance to any spas, like Gellert Spa, is affordable, and is definitely worth it, even though some people may find the prices a bit high. Especially old travel books and online forums, outdated travel guides on Budapest may confuse some tourists with regards to entry tickets, stays and refunds. Should …

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Massage and Bathing during Pregnancy

Should you be pregnant and planning to visit Gellert Spa in Budapest, this article is specifically for you. Please note that no massage is offered in Gellert Spa during pregnancy. Most of the indoor and outdoor pools in Gellert Spa contain hot water (between 33 and 40 degrees). It is  not …

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Dress code in the Spa

Is there a dress code in Gellert Spa? What are men and women are expected to wear at the baths? Believe it or not, this is one of the most frequently asked questions about Gellert Spa Budapest. First of all: visitors cannot be nude. No nudity, please As Gellert Spa became …

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