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  1. Hi all,
    I have a gift card (i.e. I have a payment ID) for two -open date until December 23- which includes entrance and 1h massage. I would like to book it for the morning of Saturday 16, 9.30h, but I can’t do this online. I called the helpdesk but I was told to do it online, however I could not find any specific link in my gift card, and I was not able to book my appointment without having to pay first by navigating the site. What should I do?
    Best wishes

  2. Jean Rivera-Nazario

    Hello! This past 10 December I made reservations online (bath tickets with cabin), but I have yet to receive an e-mail confirmation and was wondering if everything was in order..

  3. Hello, I was wondering when I’ll be available to book tickets for dates in February? I’m looking to book some for a Christmas gift for my brother. Thanks!

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