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Booking Gellert Bath Tickets in Euro

Reserve your Gellert Spa tickets, treatments in Euro to enjoy a fast track entry to the leading thermal spa bath in Budapest, Gellert Spa. Payment is in Euro (you can also book Gellert Bath Tickets in Hungarian Forint).


  1. Hi all,
    I have a gift card (i.e. I have a payment ID) for two -open date until December 23- which includes entrance and 1h massage. I would like to book it for the morning of Saturday 16, 9.30h, but I can’t do this online. I called the helpdesk but I was told to do it online, however I could not find any specific link in my gift card, and I was not able to book my appointment without having to pay first by navigating the site. What should I do?
    Best wishes

  2. Hello Conal,
    we have contacted you via email.
    Have a nice stay in Budapest!

  3. Jean Rivera-Nazario

    Hello! This past 10 December I made reservations online (bath tickets with cabin), but I have yet to receive an e-mail confirmation and was wondering if everything was in order..

  4. Hello, I was wondering when I’ll be available to book tickets for dates in February? I’m looking to book some for a Christmas gift for my brother. Thanks!

  5. Hello, I’m looking to book tickets for February, when will these be available? All the best, Alan

  6. Hello! we’re going to budapest but we will be going on a tour so we will have a free day on Dec. 26. Will the bath be open? Can we buy on the day or do we need to buy in advanced?

    • Hello Cherisse,
      Gellert Spa will be open between 6am and 8pm on Dec 26.
      Yes, you can buy the tickets on the spot too, although we recommend you to book them online in advance, so that you can skip the lines at the cashier. This season is usually very busy in Gellert Spa.

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