Booking Gellert Bath Tickets & Massages in Euro

Reserve your Gellert Spa tickets, treatments in Euro to enjoy a fast track entry to the leading thermal spa bath in Budapest, Gellert Spa. Payment is in Euro (you can also book Gellert Bath Tickets in Hungarian Forint).


  1. Annelore Palac

    It does not allow me to make a booking using my credit card – the page insists on using Paypal or opening a Paypal account to make the credit card payment even though it clearly states at the beginning of the payment page “pay by paypal OR credit card”.
    I do not have a paypal account and do not want one. Why does it not allow me to pay directly by credit card?

    • Dear Annelore,
      thank you for contacting us.
      Unfortunately the card payment option is not available on Paypal in certain countries. We are very sorry for the inconveniences.
      We can offer you a different payment method, and we will soon contact you via email.

  2. Is there a place to store suitcases while we are at the spa?

    • Dear Justin,
      yes, if you buy a ticket with cabin, you can leave your luggage in the cabin while you are in the Spa.

      • Do I have to make a booking or can I come on the day and use the baths and have a massage?

        • Dear Helen,
          yes, you can buy your ticket on the spot too, but if you wish to book a massage as well, we would recommend you to book online in advance, as massage hours are limited and are often booked up a few days in advance. Thank you for your understanding.

  3. Hello,
    I want to reserve but i dont want a paypal account. Is it possible to reserve with you directly? It will be on the 19th june, Double Royal Thermal Massage (2 persons)

    • Hello Jair,

      Payment can be made by a standard bank card, using the interface of paypal (you do not need to have or open a paypal account or paypal card).

      After filling in and submitting the booking form, please just use the PayPal Guest Checkout / check out as a Guest option, where you can enter the details of your bank card.

      Please let us know if you face difficulties.

    • Dear Jair,
      we have contacted you via email.

  4. Why can’t I book the Gellert Spa Bath Kit at the same time as the massages? The website link has been broken for weeks. If I book the masssage, and then the Bath Kit separately, I am paying twice.

  5. I’ve booked my ticket online on Friday to come on 5th June but have not had any confirmation of this. The moe y has debuted via PayPal.

    • Dear Claire,
      thank you for contacting us.
      I would like to confirm that we have received your booking and I have now forwarded it from our backup email address.
      Please check the junk/spam folder of your mailbox too to see if you have received it this time.
      Could you please let us know if you have received it?

      Thank you for your kind cooperation.

  6. Hello I booked and have received confirmation however the updated massage time email did not give the updates massage time. Do I assume it’s the time I booked for?

    • Dear Carla,
      as you have received your tickets in the meantime, all I have to say is enjoy your visit at Gellert Spa!

    • Hi Carla, your massage update has been sent to you, as a direct reply to your email (r……) on
      Mon, 10 Jun, 16:36 (15 hours ago), if you scroll down the email answer regarding the luggage, it is under your reply.
      The updated massage hours are:

      Date: Jun 11, 2019
      Massage Hours: 11:30 for both

      I will resend our confirmation again just to make sure. Have a lovely time in Gellert Spa baths in Budapest!

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