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Booking Gellert Bath Tickets in Hungarian Forint

Reserve your Gellert Spa tickets in Hungarian Forint to enjoy a fast track entry to the leading thermal spa bath in Budapest, Gellert Spa. Payment is in the Hungarian currency, Forint (you can also book Gellert Bath Tickets in Euro).


  1. Good afternoon,

    I’m really excited to visit the spa on the 10th of January. Ive been checking the availability over the last week or so but it is still not possible to book. do you know when I will be able to book or is it possible for me to book over the phone? Thank you!

  2. I would like to visit the baths on 18th of January and have a harmony aroma massage for 2. In you website http://www.gellertbath.hu/prices it states that the harmony aroma massage for 2 people from 8th January will costs 13000 HUF for 2 people and 12600 for 2 adult tickets with cabin usage equals 25600.

    Why is this form charging me Ft 28400?

    I also called you and the person who talked to me said you can’t book the harmony aroma massage through the phone. I am travelling from the UK and wouldn’t like to visit you only to find out that you are fully booked. Could I book it with you?

    I appreciate your time

    Many thanks,
    Erato Mygdaliou

    • Dear Erato,
      the price difference arises from several facts:

      the cheaper prices are for payment on the spot, in cash where you can join the queue at the cashier
      the stand alone online tickets are available for weekends and weekdays / depending on which you chose, but the entries in the massage package enable users to pick any day (same price regardless which day you choose)
      the extra service included in the online tickets is the fast track entry, that is, an express entry at the Help Desk, where so you can skip the main queue
      also online fees include a handling fee of the internet payment

      Booking in advance is indeed recommended as massages are sold out in advance in Gellert Spa.
      I hope I could help. Thank you for your kind understanding.
      Have a great time in Budapest.

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