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Cabins vs lockers

Please note that you cannot buy a ticket without a locker or a cabin (except for the special  tour tickets, enabling visitors to have a short (15 minute) bath tour in Gellert Spa but not to enjoy the pools and other services). Gellert Spa Entry Tickets can be purchased with lockers or with cabins. But what is the difference between them?

Gellert Spa Open Air Pool Budapest
Gellert Spa Open Air Pool Budapest

Both lockers and cabins are designed to store your belongings while you are enjoying Gellert Spa with its indoor and outdoor pools. BUT:

  1. Lockers are smallish boxes with a lock on them (like the ones at train stations). The size of one is 120x30x65 cm (1200 x 300 x 650 mm).
  2. Cabins, on the other hand, are like changing rooms (but smaller ones) combined with storage facilities. In a cabin, changing privately AND storing your belongings in a safe place can happen at the same time and in the same place.

Cabins can accommodate one person, so if you are a couple, part of a small group or a family it might seem a bit tight, but you can take turns in getting changed.

Buying a Gellert Spa entry with a cabin is more expensive than tickets with simple lockers. Should you purchase the cheaper entries with lockers, you need to change in the women-only / men-only public areas / changing rooms, and then store your bags in the lockers. If you wish to be alone while changing or are a bit shy, cabins are perfect for you.


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  1. HI, before booking. i’m reading

    Gellert Spa Booking

    Gellert Spa (GS) booking Bath Ticket(s), Massages. Tickets include private changing Cabin & fast track entry.

    if online tickets include fast track and PRIVATE CHANGING ROOM, i dont need to buy simple ticket with lock, don’t I?

    • Dear Annamaria,
      yes, this is correct, all massage packages include a fast track entry with cabin. You don’t need to buy an additional locker ticket.

  2. Hi! IS it ok to buy one locker and one cabin ticket. My husband and I can take turns changing in the cabin.

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