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Gellert Bath Services

Royal Thermal massages at Gellert Spa

Royal Thermal Massage 45 minutes / 60 minutes The Royal Thermal Massage is a luxurious massage in Gellert Spa, based on Swedish style massage techniques. The massage therapist uses energetic and dynamic movements to help the tension in the muscles relax, and ease the pain of the body. Initially, the …

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Gellert Spa Aroma Massage

The Aroma Massage in Gellert Spa is a 20-minute refreshing massage with aroma oil. Aroma Relax Massage The massage, also known as the Aroma Relax Massage, is a Swedish massage therapy treating the upper body (back, shoulders, neck areas), easing the muscle tensions and general stress. During the 20 minute …

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Harmony Massage at Gellert Spa

Harmony Aroma massage in Gellert Spa is the ideal choice for those who feel too much tension in their body and mind, and wish to combine their massage treatment with aromatherapy to give a boost to the limbic system. Counter the damage done by your body’s chronic stress response. The …

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Gellert Spa Bath Kit

Gellert Spa towel purchase with fast track entry and hotel pickup. Make the most out of your Gellert Spa visit with the Bath Kit package, and have a truly relaxing day in the beautiful thermal pools. Avoid the queues at the towel rental facility, and book this unique Gellert Spa …

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