Gellert Spa

Thermal Pool Gellert Spa Bath

Gellert Spa is one of the most famous thermal spa baths in Europe, and one of the leading natural hot spring spa baths in Budapest, Hungary.

Dear Guests,
Kindly note that Gellert Spa is open: tickets and services can be booked on the spot.
From Autumn, the spa closes its gates due to restoration works (the date is not confirmed yet)
Please kindly consider visiting Szechenyi Baths for a thermal relaxation in the meantime:

From March 1st, 2022 the baths can be visited without a Covid passport or vaccination proof.

Masks are recommended to be worn in the baths.

Gellert Spa is open Monday – Sunday 9.00 to 19.00. As per the Hungarian government regulations, Covid passports are no longer required.

Please kindly note that during the months of Covid pandemic, official regulations are subject to change (following government decrees), so please do check the status of the bath requirements before your visit.

Gellert Bath Palace Budapest
Gellert Bath Palace Budapest

Gellert thermal pools, swimming pool, wave pool and spa treatments offer a great relaxation and entertainment all year round. Visit Gellert Spa Bath and experience high quality relaxation at a fraction of the costs you would pay in any western country.

Gellert Bath opened in 1918 offering medicinal water treatments using the same deep underground springs the Knights of St John used in the 12th century, and later on the Turks to feel the invigorating powers of the mineral rich waters.

Gellert Spa Budapest River Cruise Attraction
Gellert Spa Budapest River Cruise Attraction

Gellert Spa is situated by the river Danube where panoramic boats carry passengers by day and by night. The building of the thermal bath is one of the many beautiful riverside attractions along the river in Budapest. To see available boat tours in the city you can check Budapest river cruise programmes and their daily timetables.

Come and visit our favourite bath in Budapest besides Szechenyi Baths: Gellert Spa Bath is the true gem of the thermal baths where you can easily spend a day, explore the numerous pools, get luxury treatments without having to feel crowded by other tourists. Spa and elegance await you in the Art Nouveau building of the almost hundred year old Gellert Bath.

Gellert Spa is famous for its lovely warm spring water pools, its architecture, its landscape, and also for its spa treatments, and pampering massage therapies at reasonable prices.

Thermal Pool Gellert Spa Bath
Thermal Pool Gellert Spa Bath

Last updated Mar 7, 2022


  1. Hello!

    I am sending this message just to make it clear as for the closing time for renovation. I’ve researched the website and there’s a big bold red announcement that says ” From Jun 25, 2022, the spa closes its gates due to restoration works ” but in the comment and FAQ s the date of 1st June is mentioned. Can you please confirm me the period when it closes?

    And also, if it will still be open this week, do we have to book a massage in advance in case we want to benefit from one?

  2. Hi,

    Is the renovation still starting on June 25th?

    • Hello Stephanie,
      yes, the renovation date was first announced for June 1, but afterwards, it has been delayed to Jul 6.
      Hope we can welcome you at Gellert Spa!

  3. Good afternoon,
    I’ve just noticed the renovation period has been postponed started from July 6th.
    Is there any chance that it will be postponed again?
    I’m asking just because I booked a flight to come there on July 8th especially for coming at Gellert Spa, and it would be really sad find them closed.

    Thank you very much,

    • Hello Thomas,
      yes, it is technically possible. Please check our website closer to the date.
      Have a lovely time in Budapest!


    Are E-tickets available. We will be arriving in Budapest on June 15th. Can myu tickets be sent to me by E-mail? I live in USA

  5. Ulrika Seppänen

    Is it _really_ recommended to wear a mask in the baths?
    As a Finn this sounds quite extraordinary (I would probably faint if I wore a mask in a sauna) -?

    Yours sincerily,
    Ulrika, Finland

    • Hello Ulrika,
      masks are only recommended in the dressing rooms/ corridors but not inside the pools, steam rooms or saunas. Generally speaking if you are not in a busy place surrounded by people you can take it off.
      Hope we can welcome you at Gellert Spa!

  6. Are you open on July 4th morning? How can I book?

    • Hello Ashka,
      yes, Gellert Baths will be open on Jul 4. You can buy entries upon arrival.
      Have a lovely summer holiday in Budapest!

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