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Gellert Spa Private Bath

Private Bath in Gellert Spa Budapest

The Private Bath in Gellert Spa & Thermal Baths was built in 1918. You can spend some intimate time and enjoy the hot water tub on your own. The rental of the private bath includes a nice fruit bowl and a bottle of sparkling wine. A romantic treat for couples, fun for friends, and an ideal solution for those who seek privacy for cultural reasons.

Private Bath Booking
Private Bath in Gellert Spa Budapest
Private Bath in Gellert Spa Budapest

In 1918, like many of the facilities of Gellert Spa, were ultra modern and high tech, including the private bath tub. Today the Private Bath is not merely a hot water tub, or a giant bathroom, but also a historical monument of the 1920’s water healing movement when many of the baths in Budapest were reborn.

These days, the Private Bath is almost a hundred year old, and is still in use, nicely restored. For a modern bather the Private Bath may seem like a spacious bathroom with nice tiles and a nice bathing tub.

Private Tub in Gellert Bath

The Private Bath Tub and the adjoining room offers privacy for couples in Gellert Bath for a few hours.

You can relax in the hot water tub with your better half without having to share the bath with other tourists.

The Private Bath has its own private entry. Its area is completely separated from the general public bath and pools. Only guests renting the Private Bath can have access to the Private Bath Tub and its historical room built in 1918. If you wish to enjoy Gellert Spa in privacy, we recommend reserving the Private Bath. Please see more info about the reservation, prices and conditions.

Booking the Private Bath in Gellert Spa

Champagne and Fruit Bowl Gellert Spa Private Bath
Sparkling Wine and Fruit Bowl Gellert Spa Private Bath

You can book the Private Bath in Gellert Spa via our online booking form on the left side. Please pick your date and your preferred hours for your bath visit, and we will try to reserve you the best available hours.

Private Bath Booking

The Private Bath is popular amongst couples and friends who wish to spend a few hours in some privacy while enjoying a hot water bath in a historical bath tub built in 1918. The Private Bath in Gellert Spa can be rented for 3 hours, usually rented for 2, but is available for up to 4 people. The rental fee includes the use of the Private Bath Hall and Tub (plus its facilities) for 3 hours, a fruit bowl and a bottle of sparkling wine.

  • Private Room & Private Bath Tub Capacity: 1-2 People
  • Bath Tub Size: 2.16 m x 1.23 m, filled with hot thermal water, Zsolnay porcelain tub
  • Fruit Bowl included in the rental fee
  • Bottle of Sparkling Wine included in the rental fee
Heated Cabin in Gellert Spa Private Bath
Heated Cabin in Gellert Spa Private Bath

Adjoining Rooms:

  1. Entry Hall with Armchair, Wardrobe, Mirror
  2. Private Bath Hall (for the modern eyes the room may seem like a really big bathroom)
  3. Heated Cabin with 2 Wooden Chairs: can be used as a Sauna with its adjustable temperature (max 55 degrees Celsius)
  4. Private Toilet

The Private Bath Hall can be closed from the inside so that only you and your guest(s) can use the hall and its adjoining rooms or facilities.

As you enter the Private Bath Hall, you will first step into the smaller Entry Hall with a mirror, wardrobe and an armchair. You can store your belongings here in the wardrobe. Next, you go into the Private Bath Hall itself where the historical bath tub is (inside Zsolnay porcelain).

You can alternate the hot water tub with the private dry Sauna (a heated cabin with 2 chairs). Refresh yourself with the fruit bowl, and get relaxed. You can celebrate with the bottle of sparkling wine (can be replaced with water if you wish).

Private Bath Booking

Spend some intimate hours in one of the most famous thermal baths in Europe: in the historical Private Bath Hall of Gellert Spa & Thermal Baths, which is almost a hundred year old. Time travel, relaxation and privacy. The Private Bath is a nice gift for a Romantic Budapest holiday, Christmas in Budapest, Valentine’s Day Cruises in Budapest, on New Year’s Eve, etc.

Gellert Spa Private Bath with Hot Spring Water
Gellert Spa Private Bath with Hot Water


  1. Dear miss/sir,

    I want to rent the private tub for 2 people on thursday 28th april but I can only reserve
    for 3 hours. I’m not able to stay for 3 hours because I’m pregnant and I get dizzy in warm places.

    Can I reserve for 2 hours?

    Kind Regard,

    • Dear Kristina,

      thank you for contacting us.
      If you wish to book for the two hour private bath, unfortunately there is no option to do it in advance, you need to pay on the spot (private bath hours are subject to availability, often booked up in advance).
      In that case, we can not guarantee, that you get the time spot which suitable for you.
      Please, note, that pregnant women are kindly asked to consult with their doctor /OBGYN if they can bathe in the thermal waters.
      Please, let me know, if I can be of any further help.

  2. Hi, how can i check the Private Baths availability for May the 24?

    Thank you!

    • Dear Giuseppe,

      Please choose the date, then select “Private Bath for 2 Guests for 3 H (excl public bath)”, put in your preferred “massage hours” – in your case it is the time when you would like to start the private bath experience. Please, let us know if we can be of any further help with your booking.
      Have a lovely time in the Spa.

  3. Hi there, I am thinking of booking private bath for my wife and myself. I see that the ticket for the private bath of Euro 90 exlcudes the public bath. We like to enjoy both – any advice pls?

    • Dear Chris,
      the package of the Private Bath in Gellert Spa gives access to the secluded area of the private bath only, meaning you can go to the private bath room, but not the big public area with a dozen pools, steam rooms and saunas. If you wish to visit the public pools, unfortunately you will need to purchase the Bath Tickets as well. http://gellertspa.com/gellert-spa-thermal-bath-online-tickets
      Have a lovely time in the Spa!

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