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Gellert Spa & Thermal Bath: Online Tickets

You can buy your spa bath ticket online now to get a fast track entry with a private cabin to access all the pools, thermal baths, spa facilities in Gellert Bath, the top tier medicinal hot spring bath in Budapest, along with Szechenyi Bath.

Having Fun in Budapest Gellert Spa and Thermal Baths
Gellert Spa Fun – Patrick Donovan Photography

Tickets can be pre-booked for the same price you would pay at the cashier of Gellert Baths in Forint. Please check the current prices here: Gellert Bath Prices. You can book your tickets online via our booking form on the left side.

Massage Treatments are best to be booked in advance, as the available massages in Gellert Spa are sold out in advance (please note that massage is for bath guests only, who have a valid bath ticket). Same day massage therapies are very hard to get. Therefore to have a peace of mind, pick your ideal day and preferred massage hours and we will book you in the massage schedule. More info about massage treatments, aroma and VIP massages: Gellert Spa Bath Massage

Fast Track Entry in Gellert Spa Baths

Geo thermal Pool Gellert Spa Baths Art Nouveau Budapest
Geo Thermal Pool Gellert Spa Bath

With the help of an additional €0.5 – €1 (depending on currency changes, as the price is the same in Forint reservation) you can buy your peace of mind, and skip the  lines in the bath cashier. By purchasing the Fast Track Entry to Gellert Spa & Thermal Baths you not only skip the lines, but you will also ensure entering the baths via our fast track entry at the Help Desk with friendly bath staff speaking high level English.

Please note that massage treatments need to be booked at least 24 hours in advance, but bath tickets can be booked for the same day, or next day too.

Online tickets are confirmed via email: please make sure you provide your email address correctly. The confirmation email is your Gellert Bath e-ticket, so if you have a smart phone with wifi access, you can buy your ticket instantly. Mobile phone bookings via phone are currently not available in Gellert Spa.

Budapest other famous thermal bath is Szechenyi Bath. You can also reserve massage treatments and book tickets online in Szechenyi Spa Baths.

Unfortunately, the rest of the Budapest baths have not been equipped with online ticket & massage purchase infrastructure yet.

Visitor Ticket & Guided Tour in Gellert Spa

Visitor tickets are available for the price of HUF 2,000 per person, which includes a short guided tour in the Bath. Tours start every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 11am and 3pm. You don’t need to book you visitor ticket in advance, and there is no minimum group size for the tour.


  1. Are you open tomorrow- Weds 20th Sept?

  2. I’d love to visit your spa but I forgot to pack a bathing suit. Is it possible to buy one, either at the spa or nearby?

    Also is the spa more crowded on Saturday than on a weekday?


  3. What includes “visitors ticket” exactly? Is possible take photos? How much time?

    • Dear Pepito,
      The visitor ticket includes only a 15-20 min guided walk in the building but unfortunately, you can not enter the pool area with a visitor ticket. You can take photos of the building.
      There is no online booking option, so you can book it on the spot only.
      Enjoy your stay in Budapest!

  4. Good evening!Is it possible to visit your bath with babies (1 y.o.)?

    • Dear Ekaterina,
      yes, you can bring your baby, but please note that there is no different pricing for children.
      As the thermal water is not recommended for infants, please see our FAQ’s about children at the thermal baths on the link below:
      Hope we can welcome you at Gellert Spa!

      • So there is no free entrance for babies?

        • Hello Ekaterina,

          Gellert Spa is free for children under 2 years of age. Babies and toddlers can come with the family to the Spa, but need to stay outside the pool area with somebody, that is they cannot go in any pool.

          Thank you for your understanding.

  5. Dear,

    I bought 2 tickets last Monday. For te time Boeing, I dont receive the tickets to my email account.
    Could you piense check it ?

    Thank in advance.
    Best regards.

    • Hello Jose,

      I would like to confirm that we have received your booking and the auto confirmation has been sent to your given email address 3 days ago.
      Now I have re-sent the confirmation from our backup email address to make sure you will receive it. Please check your spam folder too.
      Could you please let us know if you have received it this time?
      Thank you for your kind cooperation.

  6. Is it possible to buy Spa trickets only for 2 – 3 hours, on Nov 2nd or 3rd? And not buy fuld day tickets?

    • Dear Cathrin,
      unfortunately, there are only full day tickets available on the spot and online as well.
      We suggest the online (Fast Track) entry tickets, so you can skip the main queue and check in at our HelpDesk.
      Hope we can welcome you at Gellert Spa!

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