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Gellert Spa Ticket with Locker

Book your bath ticket with a locker and fast track entry to skip the lines. The prices are the same as on the spot. Tickets are valid for the whole day during the opening hours of Gellert Spa (6 am – 8 pm). With fast track tickets the check-in is available between 9 am and 6 pm only.

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  1. Krasimira Kantardzhieva

    Hello, our first visit to Budapest is going to be on 17th, 18th December. We really want to have a bath at Gillert Spa and as we have no experience there I would be vey grateful if you send me information about –
    Is it necessary to book in advance or it will be possible to buy 3 bath tickets at the ticket office? For example on 17th for the next day 18th of December?
    I see that you explained above that we can rent flip-flops. Can you tell me if this possibility is still available?
    What kind of tickets should we buy for a family of 3 adults, for using the baths and pools, with 1 or 2 lockers?
    I might miss something important. If you give me advice, I will appreciate it!
    Thank you in advance for your time!
    I hope to see you soon!

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