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Help Desk in Gellert Spa – Priority Check in

Gellert Spa Help Desk

Enjoy a thermal relaxation in Gellert Spa with improved services such as fast track entries and advance bookings of spa treatments with a special check in at the renewed Help Desk, dedicated to all of our online customers, exclusively.

Gellert Spa Help Desk
Gellert Spa Help Desk

Opening Hours

9 am – 6 am every day of the week (except holidays)

Help Desk in Gellert Spa

The Help Desk is a priority check-in point for guests who have pre-booked bath tickets. It means a fast track entry service, so if you book your ticket or massage online, you don’t have to join the lines at the cashier, just approach the Help Desk with your printed email confirmation.

After check-in your thermal bath e-ticket will be exchanged with a waterproof wristband, which will be your actual chip enabled key to your cabin as well (the wrist watch style silicon band includes a little chip).

All of the massage packages in Gellert Baths include the bath entry with fast track, skip the line access to all the pools, saunas, steam rooms, and of course your very own private area, the bath cabin used for storage and getting changed.

Book your massage now and secure your preferred massage hours on the following page: Massages in Gellert Spa

Location of Help Desk in Gellert Spa

Help Desk Location in Gellert Spa
Help Desk Location in Gellert Spa

How to find the Help Desk of the fast track entries and online reservations?

The Help Desk (green dot on the map) can be approached from the Main Entrance (shown with a red dot in the map). As Gellert Bath has its own entrance, independent from the entrance of Hotel Gellert, the best way to find us easily is to stand with your back to the river Danube, and enter the Gellert building on the right hand side, by the Gellert Hill.

Opening hours of the Help Desk

9 am – 6 pm every day. Your ticket is valid from 6 am to 8 pm for the requested date. You can pick up your ticket in advance, 1 day earlier if needed, if you wish to visit the bath in the early hours before 9 am, to make good use of your full day ticket to the bath.


  1. Eleonor Stenlund

    Do you have any massage time saturday or friday this week
    Kind regards
    Eleonor Stenlund

    • Hello Eleonor,
      yes, there are available massage appointments on Friday and on Saturday too! Please book online as the massage appointments are subject to availability.
      Enjoy your stay in Budapest!

  2. Hello

    Could you possibly tell me the differences between the the three hungarian spa treatments?

    • Hello Jessica,

      thank you for your email.

      All 3 massages are 60 minutes long massages, the differences are as follows:

      Hungarian Herbal Treatment
      Aromatic massage oils made from herbs collected in the highest mountains of Hungary make this moderately strong massage treatment a unique one. After the massage, for 15 minutes, a heated pillow, filled with fresh herbs, will be placed on your body to further enhance the absorption of the agent.

      Hungarian Mud Therapy
      Mud contains important minerals which have positive effects on human health. This treatment begins with a massage, with moderately strong techniques, applying massage oils. Following the massage, a mud pack is then placed on the relaxed muscles for 15 minutes.


      I hope I could be of help.

      The Original Hungarian Wine Therapy
      The Original Hungarian Wine Therapy begins with a very thorough massage on your whole body using moderately strong techniques and massage oils made from grapeseed oil and minerals. Then a special body pack is placed for 15 minutes onto the relaxed back muscles of the torso made from grapeseed oil and grapeseed grist.

  3. Hello,
    I want to buy two tickets for Thursday 18th January with private cabins and two 60 min footmassages for 4.30 pm if possible. However, why isn’t it possible to pay with credit card? My paypal was hacked and I is no longer available to me.

  4. Hello,

    I am writing you in order to confirm if it is possible to organize a group visit to the park.

    In case it is possible, could you please send me the prices for 25 people and please inform us the process to be follow for booking and payment.

    Thank you!

  5. Hello,
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    Here is a link to a past article for your reference:
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    Full credit will be given.
    This is a very urgent request. If you have any questions, feel free to call 212.921.2600
    Many thanks in advance for your help.

  6. Hello! I would like to know if Gellert Spa is mixed? Men and women can access toghether everyday and at every time?

    Thank you very much for your help

    • Hello Laura,

      Gellert Spa has turned into a mixed spa bath complex on January 01, 2013. Before that, men and women had separate thermal pools, but it is no longer an available option for those seeking a men only or women only bath.
      As Gellert Spa & Thermal Bath has become a coed bath palace, men and women are allowed to enter the baths together at the same time at any time.

      Gellert spa has several thermal pools, swimming pool, wave pool and spa treatments, all offering a great relaxation and entertainment all year round.


      I hope I could be of help.

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