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Help Desk in Gellert Spa – Priority Check in

Gellert Spa Help Desk

Enjoy a thermal relaxation in Gellert Spa with improved services such as fast track entries and advance bookings of spa treatments with a special check in at the renewed Help Desk, dedicated to all of our online customers, exclusively.

Gellert Spa Help Desk
Gellert Spa Help Desk

Opening Hours

9 am – 6 am every day of the week (except holidays)

Help Desk in Gellert Spa

The Help Desk is a priority check-in point for guests who have pre-booked bath tickets. It means a fast track entry service, so if you book your ticket or massage online, you don’t have to join the lines at the cashier, just approach the Help Desk with your printed email confirmation.

After check-in your thermal bath e-ticket will be exchanged with a waterproof wristband, which will be your actual chip enabled key to your cabin as well (the wrist watch style silicon band includes a little chip).

All of the massage packages in Gellert Baths include the bath entry with fast track, skip the line access to all the pools, saunas, steam rooms, and of course your very own private area, the bath cabin used for storage and getting changed.

Book your massage now and secure your preferred massage hours on the following page: Massages in Gellert Spa

Location of Help Desk in Gellert Spa

Help Desk Location in Gellert Spa
Help Desk Location in Gellert Spa

How to find the Help Desk of the fast track entries and online reservations?

The Help Desk (green dot on the map) can be approached from the Main Entrance (shown with a red dot in the map). As Gellert Bath has its own entrance, independent from the entrance of Hotel Gellert, the best way to find us easily is to stand with your back to the river Danube, and enter the Gellert building on the right hand side, by the Gellert Hill.

Opening hours of the Help Desk

9 am – 6 pm every day. Your ticket is valid from 9 am to 8 pm for the requested date.


  1. Hello

    Is it possible to purchase a bathing suit at the hotel / spa?

    My daughter is visitng Budapest and would love to enter the baths at Gellert.
    She will not rent and bathing suit and could not find a store to buy one.

  2. Hello. We are coming to you in April. I wonder if its possible to book time for manicure and pedicure? I also wonder what’s in a harmony aroma massage?

    • Dear Linda,
      I’m afraid manicures and pedicures cannot be booked online advance. Thank you for your understanding.

      The Harmony Aroma Relax Massage is one of the most popular treatments in Gellert Spa. This is a calm, slow and relaxing full-body massage (the 60 min versions includes face, head and feet massage) using tender movements and warm aromatic oils that spoil both your body and soul.
      The Harmony Aroma treatment also includes the use of moisturizing body lotion and a face toner with high content of active ingredients.
      Guests can choose from the following oils for the massage: orange, rosemary and elderflower.

  3. Hi ,

    We received as a present the tickets for the bath and spa but we would like to buy the massage service alone.
    Is it possible? how much will you charge for a royal thermal massage 45 minutes long for 2 people?

  4. Hi,
    I am part of a group that through our travel company has tickets to Gellert Bad. I want to book treatment on my own, but on your web pages you can only book with ticket. I have this and I only want treatment.

    How can I order this?
    The time I want is: Sunday, February 3 at. 1 pm (1 hour of Royal Thermal Massage)

    What is the price and what treatments do you have available then?

  5. Anna Lena Halldórsdóttir

    Hi hi
    I would like to make an reservation for massage and bath the 21.of February 2019, at 11 o´clock for 4 people. We would like to have a 20 min. soft massage, tickets to the bath and a special cabbin to change clothes. We would like to pay when we come to you, not now.

    Best regards Anna Lena

    • Hello Anna Lena,

      thank you for contacting us, we have received your Gellert Spa massage inquiry.

      I can confirm that there are massage appointments available on the day of your planned visit. Appointments are subject to availability. Once you make the payment, we will book you in for a treatment, which is the closest to your preferred hours.

      Massages are almost always sell out before the actual date, therefore online, in advance booking is suggested.

      Please note that we can only book a massage after payment has taken place as massage hours are limited. Once payment has come through, as pointed out earlier, we will strive to book you in closest to your preferred massage hours. If we cannot offer a suitable time for you, the price of the massage will be refunded.

      To make a valid reservation please follow the link to our website:

      Apart from your massage hours, you can visit the bath before or after your massage treatment too (the tickets are for the whole day in fact, for the indoor and outdoor pools and facilities). Please note that we kindly ask guests to arrive minimum 1 hour before the massage begins to be ready for the massage.

      We are looking forward to your reservation.

      Have a lovely time in Gellert Spa.

  6. How do I specify I want the Hungarian mud treatment in my booking. It only says massage.

    • Dear Katrin,
      the Hungarian Mud Treatment is also a massage, you can find it in the booking form under 45/60min Gentle Massages.

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