Is Gellert Spa Mixed?

Gellert Spa has turned into a mixed spa bath complex on January 01, 2013. Before that, men and women had separate thermal pools, but it is no longer an available option for those seeking a men only or women only bath.
As Gellert Spa & Thermal Bath has become a coed bath palace, men and women are allowed to enter the baths together at the same time at any time.

Gellert Spa Open Air Pool Budapest
Gellert Spa Open Air Pool Budapest

Special Offers for Couples and Mixed Groups

Double Massage
You can book a couple’s massage or a double massage in the double room in Gellert Spa & Baths online. The package deal for 2 people means that the 1 hour VIP massage treatment is cheaper than if bought separately. Each double massage package includes the treatments for 2 people, 2 bath entries, 2 private cabins for getting changed and storage.

Private Bath in Gellert Spa
If you are planning to visit Gellert Spa with your spouse, you might be interested in the special Private Bath for 2 persons, where you can spend 3 hours privately with a glass of champagne.

Opening Hours of Gellert Baths
Gellert Spa is open every day (Mon-Sun) from 6 am to 8 pm.

Gender Separated Bath in Budapest
Currently the only thermal bath in Budapest with men only and women only days is in Rudas Bath.

About Gellert Spa

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Terms & Conditions

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  1. Hello,
    How many pools/baths do you have? And what temperatures are they?

  2. Shreemoyee dobe

    Hi are there any male masseuse.

    • Hello,

      yes, of course, there are.

      Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the gender of the massage therapist, but we will do our best to grant your wishes.
      Regardless of the gender of the therapist, please always let them know about your preferences / dos or donts to help the therapist provide you the best possible services.

      Have a great time in Gellert Spa.

    • Hi I am visiting Budapest between Sept 18 to 20. are there men only bathing available in these dates?

      • Hello Dennis,
        Gellert Spa Baths is a coed bathhouse, meaning that the bath is open for both genders every day.
        If you are looking for a men-only baths, we recommend Rudas Baths:
        Men days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
        Ladies day: Tuesday
        Coed/ both gender accepted in swimming costume: Saturday, Sunday
        You are only able to buy entry tickets on the spot.
        Have a lovely vacation in Budapest!

  3. Hello, I have a question if there are areas where you can take a bath without a swimmingsuit woman and a man?

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