Masonry Layout






Terms & Conditions

Dear Guests, before making your booking, please read through the following Terms & Conditions carefully as upon purchase you agree to the terms and conditions as shown below. Payment Once payment has been made, there is an automatically generated confirmation email, which is sent to the email address you provided …

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Gellert Spa Taxi Transfer in Budapest

You can now pre-book your Gellert Spa Taxi Transfer from your hotel in Budapest. With new vehicles, English speaking drivers and excellent customer service we are here to help you book your taxi transfers. Fully licensed minivan taxis and trustworthy taxi drivers are providing your stylish, comfortable arrival to or …

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Taking photos in Gellert Spa

Taking photos of the building from the outside is no problem at all. However, taking photos inside the baths is subject to a photo permit provided by the Marketing Department of the Baths. Please note, that as you take photos of others, they may also take photos of you. According …

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There are hairdryers in Gellert Spa by the showers (and not in the cabins), that is you can use the public hair drying equipment. Of course, you are allowed to use your own, if you wish to use some special hairdryer, hair straightener etc to re-do your hair. (Please note …

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Minerals in the Thermal Water

The thermal, hot water supply to Gellert Spa comes from Gellert Hill. The hot spring water contains calcium, hydrogen-carbonate, magnesium,  sulphate-chloride, and also  sodium and with a significant content of fluoride ions. Therapeutic suggestions for the following medical reasons: spinal deformity discus hernia chronic and sub-acute arthritis vasoconstriction neuralgia circulatory disturbances …

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