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Towel Rental in Gellert Spa

Towel rental in Gellert Spa is possible. Should you decide to rent a towel, please keep an eye on it to be able to return it when leaving the spa, otherwise you would lose the deposit fee. Believe us, all rented towels look the same. It is not uncommon to receive feedbacks from guests that some other guests may have accidentally taken their towels. Please make sure that the towel you rent stays visible for you throughout your stay in Gellert Spa. Not being able to return the towel will result in losing the deposit too.

Budapest Gellert Bath in August
Budapest Gellert Bath in August

In addition to this, please bear in mind that on peak day visits / hours, towel rental may mean having to queue, therefore losing valuable time from your visit.

Towel rental is only one of the rental services available in Gellert Spa. Other rental services:
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Towel Rental Fees in Gellert Spa

There are two types of towels in Gellert Spa.
Simple Bath Sheet (big, thinner sheet to e.g. cover your sun lounger): free of charge, you just have to tell the hostess at the check-in if you need one. Bath Sheets are subject to availability.
Towel (slightly smaller, but thicker, fluffier than simple bath sheets): HUF 1,000 (deposit HUF 2,000). On returning the towels, you will get back the full amount of the deposit.

Payment Methods

The following payment options are possible when renting a towel in Gellert Spa:

  • cash payment (currency accepted: HUF /  Hungarian Forint)
  • credit card payment (all major credit cards are accepted, except American Express cards)


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