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Gellert Spa voucher remainder fee can be paid in the form below. Please ask details via email before filling out.

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  1. Dear gellert spa Team,

    I would like to know if it is possible to buy vouchers as a birthday present without given the exact time of visit?

    Thank you,

    • Dear Eva,
      Yes, it is possible to buy a ticket or massage as an open date gift voucher.
      To make your booking, please fill in the booking form on the left side of the following page:

      The form will ask you to choose a date, but this date will be ignored by us, if you add a comment in the “Comment/Gift Voucher” field about your open date gift voucher request.

      After the booking, we will send you a confirmation e-mail, and the open date voucher in a nicer PDF format. The voucher contains every information so the person – who is the beneficiary – can decide about their date of visit, and also they can contact us regarding their massage booking (preferred massage starting time, etc) 2-3 weeks before their planned visit to the Spa.

      • Dear Gellert Spa Team,

        It is written on the voucher that I should let you know 72 hours before the planned visit. That’s why I would like to know, if it is also possible to come by spontaneously and redeem the voucher.

        Thank you,

        • Dear Eva,

          thank you for your comment.

          As we need to update your confirmation email, you need to let us know 72 hours prior to your arrival.

          Thank you for your understanding.

  2. I would like to purchase a gift voucher for my friend who is currently on holiday in Budapest for their birthday.

    Please can you let me know how I would book a day pass for them at The Gellert Baths, which is open date wise as I am not sure what day they will be going?

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