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What Shall I Take to Gellert Spa?

Gellert Spa Bath and Hotel Aerial Photo

Plan your visit to Gellert Spa with our quick guide, and take the most important necessities with you to enjoy a relaxing thermal bath visit.

Gellert Spa Art Nouveau Bath Budapest
Gellert Spa Art Nouveau Bath Budapest – Stephen Jones Photography

What Shall I Take With Me When Visiting Gellert Spa?

The most important things to take with you to Gellert Spa are the following:

  • money for the bath entry (and maybe for the catering if you get hungry or thirsty)
  • your printed confirmation email of your online purchased bath entry and/or massage treatment (if any)

We also suggest to take with you (if you can and want):

  • Swimwear – Being a coed bath, in Gellert Spa you have to wear some kind of swimwear all the time and in all part of the Spa. However you can rent a swimsuit in Gellert Spa, if you wish, please check Swimwear rental in Gellert Spa (link)
  • Towels – Towels can be rented in Gellert Spa (link), but we suggest bringing your own towel, as the deposit for the towels are set quite high, the waiting time can be long, and you need to keep an eye on your rented towel to get back the hefty deposit fee.
  • Soap, shampoo – There are showers but no complimentary soap or shampoo dispensers
  • Hairdryer – You can use the public standard hairdryers by the showers, but in case your hair needs a special dryer, you can bring your own too (2 point European style plugs)
  • Swimming cap – you can also rent in the Spa, please see Rental Prices in Gellert Spa (link)
  • Food and drink – You can bring your own drink and food to the Spa, but we also have a buffet with cold snacks and drinks.
  • Other personal items – comb or haidryer, suntan lotion, body lotion, etc.

What we do not recommend you to bring:

  • Jewellery – We suggest leaving behind your jewels
  • Other valuables, like cameras, wrist watches, etc.
  • Cigarettes – Please note, smoking is prohibited in Gellert Spa (inside and outside, by the pools too)

In case you do need to carry a valuable item you can rent a safety box in the baths.

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