Gellert Spa

Terms & Conditions

Dear Guests, before making your booking, please read through the following Terms & Conditions carefully as upon purchase you agree to the terms and conditions as shown below. Payment Once payment has been made, there is an automatically generated confirmation email, which is sent to the email address you provided …

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Gellert Spa Bath Kit

Items are available to purchase for the following rates: Towels: HUF 5.000 Bathrobe: HUF 9.900 Ladies Swimming Costume: HUF 5.000 Gents Swimming Trunks: HUF 5.000 Swimming Cap: HUF 2.000 Slippers: HUF 4.000 Bath Kits are currently not available on our website. Make the most out of your Gellert Spa visit …

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Chlorine at Gellert Spa Pools

Having Fun in Budapest Gellert Spa and Thermal Baths

Do Gellert Spa pools contain chlorine? The answer is yes and no. Thermal Pools Hot thermal pools (that is pools using the natural hot spring waters pouring from underground thermal reservoirs) are completely refilled every day and they do not contain chlorine or any other cleaning agents to preserve the …

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Gellert Spa Entry & Grand City Tour Budapest

If you are visiting Budapest, attractions like the Buda Castle, the Bridges or the City Park are unmissable just like the thermal baths: the Gellert Spa Entry & Grand City Tour Budapest package will get you to fascinating places. Enjoy the panorama from Gellert Hill, the sights of the Great …

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