Swimwear Rental in Gellert Spa

Since Gellert Spa became a coed bath place in 2013, visitors, for clear reasons, are supposed to wear some kind of swimsuit, every time and everywhere in the spa.
Do not worry if you don’t have your own swimsuit, you can buy or rent them inside the baths. You can find various models at the vendors in the entrance hall or you can rent swimwear.


Rental services are currently not available during the Covid pandemic. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please choose one of the following alternatives: you can opt for bringing along your own towel and bath kit or you can purchase a towel and bath kit at the local Bath Souvenir shop in Gellert Spa.

Rental services – due to Covid safety regulations – are currently not available. Towels, slippers, and other bath accessories can be purchased on the spot. 

Kindly note that bath tickets do not include towel rental by default. To minimize the environmental impact we would like to ask you to bring your own towel or be ready to purchase a towel on the spot (not only cheaper towels are available to be purchased, but nicer keepsake type towels too).
Slippers – aka bath footwear –  is compulsory for hygienic purposes (we suggest flip flops or other waterproof slippers as there are several wet areas in the bath complex).
Bath Kits
During the Covid-19 pandemic, Bath Kits are not available for pre-order. Bath accessories, including towels, slippers, lotions, shower gels, shampoos etc. can be bought on the spot, or you can bring your own.

It may be more simple and convenient to bring your own towel.

Items are available to purchase for the following rates:

Towels: HUF 5.000
Bathrobe: HUF 9.900
Ladies Swimming Costume: HUF 5.000
Gents Swimming Trunks: HUF 5.000
Swimming Cap: HUF 2.000
Slippers: HUF 4.000

Rental services

Swimwear rental for Women
Swimwear rental for Men
Towel Rental in Gellert Spa
Bathrobe Rental in Gellert Spa

Men Dress Code Budapest Gellert Spa Outdoor Pool in Summer
Dress Code in Gellert Spa – DDanzig Photography

Rental fees/ Deposit in Gellert Spa

You can choose from the following payment options:

  • cash payment (currency accepted: HUF /  Hungarian Forint)
  • credit card payment (all major credit cards are accepted, except American Express cards)

If you prefer to buy your own spa kit you can buy Gellert Bath Kit too.

Dress Code in Gellert Spa
Learn more about what to wear: Dress Code in Gellert Spa.

Last updated Jan 4, 2022

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  1. Hello, I visited the spa on 2 June 2022. I bought the female swimming costume from the spa shop and it costed me 25000 HUF/ 64 euros. There was no price tag on the product and when I converted the HUF in euros I found it very high priced. I did compare the prices of other products at the shop and other products were reasonable priced as mentioned in the website above. However the price of the female costume 4 times higher than the prices mentioned on the website or other outside shops. I feel that I was scammed. It made my whole experience very unpleasant.

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