Gellert Spa and Thermal Bath Budapest Statue and Art Nouveau Wall
Gellert Spa Statue by Art Nouveau Wall

Bathrobe Rental in Gellert Spa

Enjoy Gellert Spa and include a bathrobe for a full day experience.

Thermal Pool Gellert Spa Bath
Thermal Pool Gellert Spa Bath

Gellert Spa Bathrobe Rentals

If you are planning to visit Gellert Spa, but don’t want to carry a big pack loaded with swimsuits, towels or bathrobes through the city, you don’t have to worry. Gellert Spa offers bathrobes on rental along with towels, and swimwear.

Price of Bathrobe Rental in Gellert Spa

Please see the rental prices on the link: Rental Prices at Gellert Spa

Payment Options for Bathrobe Rental in Gellert Spa

You can pay the rental fee and the deposit inside the Gellert Spa, by

  • cash (accepted only in the local currency of Hungary called Forint, abbreviated as HUF)
  • credit card (all major credit cards are accepted, except American Express)

You will get back the deposit when you return the bathrobe you hired, before leaving Gellert Spa. If the rented bath robe is lost, the deposit will not be refunded. Make sure to place your robe and other spa belongings by the pool in an angle where you or your guests can keep an eye on them so that other guests do not just pick up the robe randomly.

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