Gellert Spa Opening Times on October 23

Come and visit Gellert Spa on October 23.
Despite being a national holiday, when most tourists suppose that everything will be closed, Gellert Spa is open.

Thermal Pool Gellert Spa Bath
Thermal Pool Gellert Spa Bath

Opening hours of Gellert Spa on October 23
6 am – 8 pm
Online reservations check-in: 9 am – 6 pm

Prices on October 23 in Gellert Spa
The  ticket prices of Gellert Spa will be the somewhat more expensive weekend prices, as on all public holidays in Hungary.

Massage on October 23 in Gellert Spa
In case you would like to have a massage on October 23, we highly recommend to book your therapy online in advance, as most massage places are booked up beforehand.
Booking: book your massage now on this page: Gellert Spa Massage
Private bath: the private bath of Gellert Spa is usually also very busy during the October 23 national holiday.

Budapest Activities on October 23
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