Gellert Spa Opening Times on November 1

Come and relax in Gellert Spa on November 1, the day after Halloween night.
November 1 is a national holiday in Hungary, but there is no need to change your Budapest itinerary, as Gellert Spa will be open.

Gellert Spa Lobby
Gellert Spa Lobby

Opening hours of Gellert Spa on November 1
6 am – 8 pm
Online reservations check-in: 9 am – 6 pm

Prices on November 1 in Gellert Spa
The ticket prices of Gellert Spa will be like at on Sundays, as on all public holidays in Hungary.

Massages on November 1 in Gellert Spa
If you are interested in having a massage treatment on November 1, we strongly suggest booking your therapy online in advance, because massage hours are limited, and most of them are booked up 1-2 weeks before Nov 1.
Booking: you can reserve your treatment and preferred massage hour on this page: Gellert Spa Massages
Private bath booking: the private bath hours are often booked up beforehand as well, so we recommend to book online here: Private Bath of Gellert Spa

Halloween in Budapest
1st of November is All Saints Day in Hungary when most people solemnly remember their near ones and dear ones, light a candle for the lost relatives and friends, visit the cemeteries, and place a bunch of flowers on the grave. But there are also some Halloween events in Budapest.

Budapest in November
Don’t miss the most exciting events and programs by learning what to do in Budapest in November.

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