Gellert Spa and Thermal Bath Inside the Main Hall
Gellert Spa and Thermal Bath Inside the Main Hall

Rental Prices in Gellert Spa

You can see the rental facilities in Gellert Spa with prices below. Rental services range from renting a swimwear to renting towels. For almost every item rented there is a deposit added to the price (except swimming caps and flip flops, which can be purchased on the premises at a decent price). The deposit of the rented item will be redeemed before you leave Gellert Spa when you return the rented items. Please note that the deposit will be lost if you cannot return the rented item.

Budapest Gellert Bath in August
Budapest Gellert Bath in August

Renting a Towel in Gellert Spa
If you do not wish to carry your towel to the spa, you may rent a towel on the spot in Gellert Spa & Thermal Baths. If you rent a towel, please keep an eye on your rented towel to be able to return it, and get back your deposit fee. All towels for hire look the same. In the past, we have received some feedback from guests that some other guests may have accidentally grabbed their towel, and took it away without further notice. Please make sure that the towel you hire is put in a visible place to avoid losing your towel deposit fee. If you cannot return your towel your deposit will be lost, unfortunately.
Besides, on peak day visits, towel rental may mean having to stand in a queue and losing some valuable time from your visit.

Learn more about rental services in Gellert Spa & Thermal Bath:

Bath Robe Rental in Gellert Spa

Rental Services and Prices in Gellert Spa
Towel: HUF 2 500 (deposit HUF 2 000)
Bathrobe: HUF 3 200 (deposit HUF 5 000)
Swimwear (women): HUF 3 200 (deposit HUF 2 000)
Swimwear (men): HUF 3 200 (deposit HUF 2 000)

Slippers are not available for rent but can be bought in Gellert Spa for HUF 3 500. Wearing slippers/ flip flops is required at all times inside the Spa.
Swimming caps can be bought for HUF 1 300.

Paying the Rental Fee and Deposit in Gellert Spa
The rental services are available inside the Spa. You can choose from the following payment options:

  • cash payment on rental items (currency accepted: HUF /  Hungarian Forint)
  • credit card payment (all major credit cards are accepted, except American Express cards)

You will get back the deposit when you return the item on hire, before leaving Gellert Spa. If the rented item is lost, the deposit will not be refunded.

Last updated Jan 16, 2020

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