Dress code in the Spa

Is there a dress code in Gellert Spa? What are men and women are expected to wear at the baths? Believe it or not, this is one of the most frequently asked questions about Gellert Spa Budapest.
First of all: visitors cannot be nude.

No nudity, please

As Gellert Spa became a mixed thermal spa since 2013, everyone needs to wear something at all times. The pools, the baths, the saunas, the whole facility are completely coed every day (from Monday to Sunday, from 6 am to 8 pm).

You simply cannot be naked at the public areas of Gellert Spa. The only places where nudity is allowed are the showers, the changing rooms at the lockers, and of course the private cabins.

What Women Wear at Gellert Spa

The simple answer is: decent swimwears. The minimum is a sporty tankini, shorts with a top, but if you are a bit shy, a one piece ladies swimsuit will do.

If you still want more coverage, please wear something in the pools that still qualifies as a swimwear.

What Men Wear at Gellert Spa

The simple answer is: decent swimwears. The minimum is the speedo style swimwear, or a sporty pair of swim trunks, even shorts. If you want to cover your body more, wear some wet suit or wet suit style T shirts.

What Children Wear at Gellert Spa

As Gellert Spa always was, and is still aimed at adults (please see our guide here: Children in Gellert Spa), here we would rather talk about kids above the age of 14. Ask your teenager son or daughter about what teens like to wear nowadays. they always know better. Generally, girls wear the same as women, while boys wear the same as men.

Other useful tips

Wear a hat on sunny days

Quite a few locals, who spend several hours in the outdoor pools of Gellert Spa, usually wear a light coloured baseball cap or some kind of sun hat to protect the top of their heads from the sunshine on hot days. Wearing a hat / cap seems a very good idea if you are sensitive to the sunshine or you want to spend more time in the water. This particularly applies to children / teens.

Sun-tan cream: protect your skin

Sun tan lotion,  sun protection is another good idea from early June to September. All three baths are in the open air without any shades.

Talk to Your Massage Therapist

If you prefer nudity while having your massage therapy, have a word with your massage therapist. Women are always wearing a swimwear, but releasing the bikini strings is accepted.

As a general rule, please wear your swimwear for your massage. Book your massage in advance to avoid having to queue for any popular massage therapies in our world famous thermal spa.

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