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Salt Therapy in Gellert Spa Budapest

The Salt Cave in Gellert Spa is more like a Salt Chamber (Sokamra) with cubicles.

Gellert Bath Medicinal Treatments
Gellert Bath Medicinal Treatments

Salt therapy for inhalation is an extra medicinal service, not part of the regular bath services. This means that you will need to pay some additional fee on top of the bath ticket. Once you take seat in your cubicle in the Salt Chamber, you can start the 15 min salt therapy. The chamber is filled with salty extract for inhalation to relieve asthma and other lung problems. The treatment is fast, more medicinal than spa, unlike typical salt therapies, which include a longer stay in a Salt Cave.

Opening Hours in Salt Chamber

Monday – Friday: 8 am – 5 pm

Salt Therapy Fee in Gellert Spa

The one time entry to Salt Cave is HUF 1,200 (approx. €5) for 15 min.

Dress Code in Salt Chamber

Entry to the Salt Cave is in bath robe. You can bring your own bath robe, or you can rent a bathrobe in Gellert Spa & Thermal Baths for HUF 350 (approx. €1.3).

Tickets to the Salt Cave can be purchased at the Cashier in Gellert Spa, no online booking is available currently.


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