Gellert Spa Ticket with Locker

Book your Gellert bath ticket with a locker and expedited QR code entry in the booking form below.

Tickets are valid for the whole day, from the opening time (9 am) to the closing hour (7 pm). Please note that check-in closes at 6pm.

Last updated: Aug, 2023

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  1. Hi!
    Will we be provided with the slippers and bathrobe free of charge at Gellert Baths if we buy Gellert Spa Ticket with Locker? or should we take it with us?

    • Hello Diana,
      towels, slippers and bathrobes are not included in the ticket price, but can be rented inside the Spa. Alternatively you can bring your own, if you wish.

  2. Hello everyone,
    Unfortunately I cannot make it to Budapest today and bought a ticket for tomorrow. Is it maybe possible to get a gift voucher? I know it will probably be too late but I would love to visit the Gellert Spa one day…
    Thanks in advance

  3. Hello!
    Do you have children tickets?
    Thank you!

    • Hello Loreta,
      The thermal baths were and are still aimed at adult bathers, therefore there are no kids pools or activities.
      The bath entry is free for children under 2 years old. Older children need to buy full priced entries.

      Most of the outdoor and indoor pools and baths are more than 33 degrees Celsius, which means increased stress for the cardiovascular system of kids, whose body is not fully developed yet to be able to cope with the heat of the bath waters, therefore saunas and hot pools are not healthy for children under 14.

      Children & babies who have not been potty trained yet are unfortunately not allowed in the pools themselves, not even if they wear a swimming nappy. This usually applies to children under 3 years of age. Babies and toddlers can come with you to the bath, and stay outside the pool area.

      Please find more details on the link below:

  4. Hi, I just made a payment through PayPal for 2 ticketts with locker on September 25th. I have confirmed the transaction in PayPal and I have the transaction number. However, when I clicked on the button to “go back to website” I returned here on a different window and I have no information about my ticketts. How can I view them?

    Thank you very much in advanced for your assistance

    • Hello Luis,
      thank you for contacting us.
      I would like to confirm that we have received your booking for the thermal baths, and the confirmation email has been automatically sent to your given email address. Please check the junk/spam folder of your mailbox too.

      I have now forwarded it from our backup email address.
      Could you please let us know if you have received it?

      Thank you for your kind cooperation, and enjoy the hot spring baths.

  5. Hello, I was not able to book a fast track entry, but can I also buy the ticket on the spot even if the day seem full on the website?

    • Hello Stefy,
      thank you for contacting us.
      Normally standard tickets for the baths are available on any day of the calendar year, it is only massages that are pre-booked and sold out on a given day. The only exception to this, at least for the upcoming future days, is a major, world-renowned music festival event in Budapest, called the Sziget Festival: is there any chance perhaps that you are trying to book online tickets for a day in August during the Sziget Music Festival period (Aug 7- 13)? If yes, I would suggest you purchase it on the spot at the cashier, as during the festival days, ticket and massages can only be purchased at the spot (online sales has been temporarily stopped only between Aug 7-13, all will be resumed from August 14th onwards). Please let me know if I could be of any further help.

  6. Hello,

    is it possible to take luggage in the bath in case i buy the cabin ticket? Or is there a cloakroom to keep it? Thank you in advance for your assistence.

    • Hello,

      The size of the cabin can easily hold a standard suitcase or a backpacker style bigger backpack. Please make sure to close the door properly with your chip equipped wristband, which opens and closes the door of the cabin with a randomly generated unique code.

      Have a great time in Gellert Spa.

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